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I feel touched in my heart

Yingruo Jhou

Shanghai, China
We were just talking about our great experience with Jafar ! He’s one of the best person we’ve ever met. We stayed two days in his super tiny apartment and joined his non-profitable tour with Nishidol. He introduced us to his friends who are the same kind and full of energy. It was really nice to be one of them, to feel the happiness of them, to enjoy life and nature together. Jafar was the leader of Nishidol and he did the best job. He’s responsible, tolerant and easy-going to get along with everyone. We are really grateful to have the chance to talk with and become friends with him ! I feel warm and touched in my heart every time I think about Jafar and his kindness, purity. Thank you for everything, you made our trip perfect and gave us the best!