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Payment for TAABU Tour

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How does Taabu online payment system work?

To pay us (Taabu) online, you need to send us just your email address. Then we’ll send you an invoice to your email, with which you can pay using your credit cards or paypal.

Which credit cards we accept by Taabu Tour?

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Available for Taabu Payment

We currently accept any Visa Card, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express Card and PayPal.

Is this payment system secured of Taabu Tour?

Yes, it is fully secured. We use PayPal payment gateway what is one of the most secured payment solutions in the world. You don’t need to provide us any information of your credit cards at all.

I have not received any email from your system. What to do?

Please check your SPAM folder. Sometime emails end up in the SPAM folder.

Is there any extra charge for online payment?

Yes, there is a 4.7% online transaction fee on total payment (including the transaction fee) charged by PayPal.

How do I know if a payment is successful?

You’ll get an automatic receipt sent to your email for every successful payment. Also your invoice will be marked as PAID. If there is no receipt, the payment was not successful.

My payment is not going through, what is the problem?

Sometimes if you use your travel credit card or if you try to pay from a country where PayPal services are not available then PayPal might deny your card for security reason. Then you can pay through your PayPal account.

How long it takes to transfer the fund to your account after a payment is made?

It is transferred to us certainly.

Do you accept wire transfer? Payment for TAABU

No we do not. It is a big hassle for us to release a fund from wire transfer. Also sometimes it takes a long time for the fund to arrive.

Do you have any alternative online payment system?

We can accept some small amount of payments using Neteller Money Transfer System to the email address only if there is any issue with our regular online payment system. No transaction fee is required for this system.

What other payment methods you accept?

If you are paying from outside Bangladesh, you can use Western Union. If you are paying from Bangladesh, you can use bKash to 01969404414 or deposit the payment in our bank account at United Commercial Bank Ltd in any branch.