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Nishidol. May be defined as a community of adventurous travelers who do leisure activity, mainly nighttime excursions that take place in an unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination and tends to be associated with high levels of involvement and activity by the participants, most of it outdoors.

Trying Camp Fire @ Rangpur

Nishachors are explorers of both an outer world, especially the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet, and an inner world of personal challenge, self-perception, and self-mastery. They know better than anyone that nighttime excursions are often the most fun. There’s something about paradise after the sun sets that turn it into a mysterious land that ought to be explored.

The boat trip to see the deer at Nijhum dwip.
The boat trip to see spotted deers at Nijhum Dwip.

The villages in the countryside area of Bangladesh offer the chance to experience a special visit by night. Many of them illuminated with glow-worm so that they can be seen every night in all their glory and enjoyed in total peace and quiet, in an atmosphere of complete silence and darkness.

Whether visiting the hill tracts area of Bandarban, hiking the largest mangrove, Sundarban, or kicking back on the sandy shores of Cox’s Bazar, Nishachors are sure to find an exciting nighttime activity to keep things interesting after sundown. Their innovative itineraries are filled with opportunities for you to push your limits.

All the Nishachors are a huge part of the fun. They do singing and dancing around the campfire while dark at night, make BBQ, and anything else. They are like-minded people with diverse experiences who are game for a good adventure, passionate about the outdoors, and thrilled to be exploring new territory.

Nishidol at daylight in Ratargul swamp forest.
Nishidol at daylight in Ratargul Swamp Forest, Sylhet.

A key part of experiencing a place intimately is getting away from the crowds. Nishidol always limits their group size so that they can move with agility, assimilate easily into local communities, and enjoy every place we visit in depth. Small numbers allow them to take advantage of many unexpected invitations and opportunities that arise in their adventures.

Nishidol is committed to sustaining the character of each place they visit—its environment, culture, heritage, and the wellbeing of its residents.

The unique, active itineraries of Nishidol combine spectacular places, cultural interaction, and physical challenges: the perfect mix for an unforgettable adventure.

BBQ at satchari national park, Habiganj
BBQ at satchari national park, Habiganj

Grab your gear and head into the wilderness with Nishidol! On their active adventures, you will veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild and stunning landscape on foot, get to know fascinating cultures firsthand.

Watch out, don’t you ever rely on a community who’ll take you to hike, crawl and climb up through ancient drains, to the back of beyond, to the deep of the jungle, caves, ditches, and who knows what else. Every night is a different route, every night is a new adventure.

Worried about money? Take it easy, this is a non-profit adventure traveling community and Nishidol’s route is always the budget option, perfect for the adventure-thirsty visitors.

TAABU sets an extra small amount to make your travel arrangements with Nishidol and 50% would be donated to this community.


Note: Nishachor means a member of Nishidol who did at least 1 trip with Nishidol.


Price: $100 /person

Please feel free to contact for your adventure trip

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