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Mainamati Shalban Vihara

Mainamati is an archaeological site in Comilla, Bangladesh. The ruins are in the middle of the Lalmai hills ridge, and these are of a 7th-century. It looks like Paharpur Buddhist viharas with about 100 cells for monks. It operated through the 12th century. The Mainamati were rediscovered during the Second World War when setting up a camp.

Mainamati is previously known as the house of Shalban’s King. At present the popular place known as Shalban Vihara or Bihar. This monastery was built by Sri Bhava Deva who is the 4th ruler of the Deva Dynasty. This time it was called Bhava Deva Maha Vihara. Mainamati was also the capital of Samanta Dynasty. This is a terracotta sealing vihara. There has a museum which name is Mainamati Museum. The museum displayed the antiquities recovered things.

You can easily go here at any day. Firstly you have to come to Comilla by bus or train. It takes around 2 hours by bus or train journey. Your destination of deceive from the bus is Comilla town. But it will be better for you to get down at Comilla Cantonment. Because Mainamati is near from Comilla Cantonment. Then you can take a battery driven auto rickshaw to reach the Mainamati.