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Chandranath Temple

Chandranath is located at Sitakunda in Chittagong District. It’s the place for natural beauty & religious. In reality if you like to climbing and want to play Temple Run instantly, ride on Chandranath hill, its stairs will make you feel like playing the Temple Run. You will see some of the religious places of Hindus religion and other ethnic groups. The top of the Chandranath hill has a Hindu Religious Temple which called Chandranath Temple. For trekking the hill you must take at least 1 liter of water bottle and also can take drink juice or energy drink. The less trouble if you get trek in the early morning, the more trouble if will be late because of sun shine. When you trek, it’s better to eat. It has two path for trekking left side stairs and right side stairs. You can use right side, because it will save your energy and time. During the rainy season the path of lifting in the hills is very slippery, so be careful. You will be no more if you slip once. On the top when you see the view around, hopefully you will forget all the trouble and sore.

You can go direct route from Dhaka to Chittagong. There is available A/C & none A/C bus service 24 hours a day from Sayedabad Bus Station. You can also use train or Air. Then you have to come to Sitakunda Bazar from Chittagong by Bus or CNG.Then you can go 3.5 kilometers path to Chandranath hill side by a rickshaw or on foot.