Arial Beel

If you wish for listening birds chirping and wind up in the wetland to stop the boat’s engine, you can go Arial Beel. This is a large wetland about 136 square kilometers. The wetland is situated between Padma and Dhaleshwari River in the south of Dhaka.

Nature has not changed in the Arial Beel- like last century with its unique diversity. It has been contributing endlessly, changing the fate of millions. Arial Beel truly represents the Bangladesh where you can see affluence of fish in the wetland and full of crops. Huge quantity of fish- about 200 species of fish, plenty of rice, shell and grasses for cattle are produced in Arial Beel. The different kinds of tender water fishes of Arial Beel are incomparable in taste. The pleasant scenario of the afternoon will swung you. You can see the sunset sitting on the boat, it will give you amazing feeling. The water of the Arial Beel is not much deep, but still lots of boats are passing through the water easily. This is a wonderful location to pass your leisure with friends & family.

Arial Beel is not too far from Dhaka. It’s around 35 kilometers. You can go Arial Beel by bus from Gulistan to Srinagar Vizbazar. Bus fare will be 50 to 70 taka. Then you will go Srinagar to Gadighat by auto rikshaw. Then you will visit your destination by renting a good trawler (Boat) from there.