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Sumpora Vihara

Archeological Trip to North Bengal

Duration: 4 nights and 4 days.
Location:  Puthia Rajbari, Varendra Research Museum, Boro Kuthi, Sompura Mahavihara, Dinajpur Rajbari, Kantanagar Temple, Tajhat Palace, Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar, Mahasthangarh.
Attractions: World Heritage and Archaeological Places.

                                                                                               Price: Starting from $250

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Puthia Temple

Sometimes an archaeological tour can makes you an antiquarian if it’s compact. And for the sake of such a trip you have to choose North Bengal as the best place to visit. Briefly highlighting the places-
Puthia Rajbari is built in 1895 for Rani Hemanta Kumari, it is an example of Indo-Saracenic revival architecture. Initially Puthia was a hamlet of Laskarpur Pargana, called after Laskar Khan. Nilamber, the cadet of the first Zamindar of Puthia, who was the first to suffer the entitle of Raja from Jahangir (1605-1627AD).

Varendra Museum is considered as the oldest museum in Bangladesh. It is the first museum to be established in East Bengal in 1910. The museum has historical significance and is also a heritage site of Bangladesh.
Boro Kuthi is located in Shaheb Bazar of Rajshahi Town. There are 12 rooms and it is 2 storied building. Dutch and British traders used it for trading silk.
Sompura Mahavihara is among the elite given Buddhist vihara in the Indian Subcontinent and is one of the most anxious archaeological place. It was appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at 1985.
Kantanagar Temple, familiarly known as Kantaji Temple or Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar, is a tardy-medieval Hindu church in Dinajpur. The Kantanagar Temple is one of the most imposing edifices from 18th century.
Tajhat Palace, Tajhat Rajbari, is an authentic Vatican of Bangladesh, placed in Tajhat, Rangpur. This basilica now confines the Great Rangpur.
Gokul Medh is one of the Archaeological situations in Bangladesh. It is an excavated bulwark in the clachan of Gokul under Shibganj Upazila of Bogra. It is locally familiar by name Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar.
Mahasthangarh is one of the premiere polite archaeological places so greatly reveal in Bangladesh. The city Mahasthan in Bogra District confine the abide of an old metropolitan which was exhort Paundravardhanapura in the district of Pundravardhana. The strengthen scope was in employment until the 18th hundred AD.

Night-01:  Kallanpur-Natore
Will meet you in your hotel lobby at 8:10pm to pick you up and will head toward Kallanpur Bus Terminal. Walk through the formless Kallanpur scope and enjoy activities of the busiest terminal which never stills. At 11:10pm we will take the bus to Natore. A noteworthy overnight jaunt by bus to Natore  and hopefully will arrive around 6:00am.


Day-01:  Rajshahi
After refreshing and finishing the breakfast within 8:20am our vision will go out to aesthetic architecture Puthia Rajbari by reserved vehicle. It is about 40 minutes travel route.
Will have to go out by 11:00am at the end of Rajbari tour and drive toward  Boro Kuthi, Rajshahi City.
After visiting Boro Kuthi we would have some time to rest and lunch. We drive toward Varendra Research Museum afterwards taking rest.
Before twilight our journey toward Naogaon City by bus and will stay overnight in a hotel.
Day-02:  Naogaon-Dinajpur
Drive toward Sompura Mahavihara which designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site after breakfast within 7:00am by reserved vehicles.
Head to Dinajpur by bus after visiting Sompura at 10:20am and hopefully will reach within 2:20pm. Taking lunch in a local restaurant, then our travel route is Dinajpur Rajbari. Will be an amazing tour by three wheels Van or Rikshaw. Stay overnight in hotel
Day-03: Dinajpur-Bogra
At 8:00am drive toward Kantanagar Temple beside Dhaka-Dinajpur highway by reserved vehicle. Within 10:00am after visiting Temple our drive toward Rangpur City for the sake of Tajhat Palace by bus. Then we will take our lunch and rest.
Our journey route toward Bogra at 3:30pm by bus. And will stay here overnight in a hotel.
Day-04: Bogra-Dhaka
Early morning reach by reserve vehicle to historical place Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar and Mahasthangarh.
At afternoon back to Dhaka by bus.

Transfer from hotel to Kallanpur.
Business class AC bus ticket from Dhaka and to Dhaka.
All transport tickets.
All site entrance tickets.
Three night accommodation in tour route at standard twin sharing room.
English speaking friendly guide.

Any meal and drink not mentioned above.
Any personal item.

Price per person
1 pax:   $400 / BDT 32000
2 pax:   $300 /BDT 24000
3 pax:   $275 /BDT 22000
4 pax or more:   $250 /BDT 20000

Please feel free to contact for your customize tour

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